5 of most popular medicinal plants

5 of most popular medicinal plants

Even though we hardly use traditional methods for healing, Mother Nature has blessed us with an abundance of beautiful medicinal plants. It always good to have a natural alternative to your everyday health woes and worries. Coming with a variety of qualities, these plants help nurture and heal our bodies from any sorts of injuries or sicknesses.

Here are few of the most powerful medicinal plants that you can use to stabilize and advance your health.

Apart from its high demand for culinary purposes and beautiful fragrance, thyme is an amazing herb that is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. The oil extracted from this is known to provide quick relief from cough. So, next time you are tormented because of sore throat, incorporate some thyme in your tea. Thyme also regulates the blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels and improves the immunity holistically. It soothes flaky and dry skin as well.

Catnip is widely known as an effective detoxifier for the human body, you can use it during fevers to facilitate sweating as well for calming your nerves. Apart from this, it also aids in soothing the digestive system and treats migraines too. If you’re suffering from pain in tooth and gums, you can use catnip to relieve yourself from the discomfort.

Sage is popularly known for its healing properties, which is rich in antioxidants and fights against inflammation and bacterial infections. It also helps maintaining a healthy digestive system and provides relief from stomach cramps. Sage is also known for its anti-ageing properties and can be used renew skin cells.

A common ingredient in the Asian cuisine, ginger is known for relieving motion sickness and nausea, especially for pregnant women. It also effectively deals with indigestion, you can have it incorporated in your health drinks. It beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and heart ailments, as it prevents the blood from clotting. A cup of ginger tea everyday will elevate your overall immunity tolerance against bacterial and fungal infections.

The fragrance of lavender is not foreign to us, and therefore it is used widely in aromatherapy. But apart from its sweet smell, lavender is rich when it comes to healing properties. It can treat skin disorders as well as slow down aging. A few drops of lavender oil can instantly add radiance to your face. It also treats burns and cuts excellently. If you happen to suffer from sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety or excessive hair fall, lavender oil is a must have product in your medicinal closet.

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