6 Trending Kids’ Electronic Toys To Buy This Year

6 Trending Kids’ Electronic Toys To Buy This Year

Today, in the era of smartphones, smart tablets, laptops, gaming systems, it can be challenging to stop your child from getting addicted to technology. Although on the one hand, it is beneficial to know how to operate the same, however, it doesn’t take much time for curiosity to become an addiction.

Here are six popular kids’ electronics that you can buy to keep your little ones preoccupied with an alternative.

Disney Pixar Cars: Disney is one of the most premier names when it comes to Hollywood, for Walt Disney started an animation revolution by creating and launching a very successful series of cartoons. Not only that, the successful cartoons franchise was also adapted into an even more successful toy manufacturing business. Cars is Disney’s popular animation venture which features cars in the very innovative unique concept based film. The Disney Pixar Cars 2 by AppMATes is a popular kids’ electronics toy, featuring car figurines which can be used to play the online game. The experience is both interactive and entertaining which makes this kids’ electronic toy a favorite among children above the ages of 4. The toy is available online at an approximate price of $60.

Lego walkie-talkies: Walkie talkies have always been a favorite when it comes to kids’ electronics. However, when you add iconic Lego mini blocks into the mix and come up with LEGO walkie-talkies, it only makes this product even more popular. The design and utility is appropriate for kids who are above the ages above 7. This is a toy which you can also buy on a budget, priced at just about $20.

Loopz Game by Mattel: Mattel is a very popular franchise which has come up with a very interactive game called Loopz, to enhance senses and your child’s memory as part of the playing process. The idea is to create a pattern in the toy simulator which will be mimicked by the opponent exactly. This toy not only enhances your child’s visual retention but also improves gross motor skills while understanding and mimicking the action. This game is slightly priced on the heavier side, with major online retail stores offering at $220 approximately.

Smart cycle arcade system: Smart cycle racer smartly combines physical activity of cycling with the added entertainment of playing a simulator video game. You can’t possibly give your child an Xbox when they are just 6 or 7 years old. However, this simulator is the perfect gameplay alternative. The console can be connected to any screen, and the simulator allows you to pedal and race in the virtual world, all the while providing a decent workout in the form of cycling. The interactive games which are preloaded will make sure your children never lose interest in the game, which is why the smart cycle racer is a great kids’ electronic toy choice.

Spy net video watch: Kids’ electronics are not complete without spy gear, and boys love spy gears. The spy net video watch is capable of recording audio, video, taking pictures and even features an inbuilt lie detector! Talk about James Bond and his cool gizmos, but the spy net video watch is more affordable at just about $60. All your recorded footage and files can be transferred easily to a computer via a USB port. This toy is appropriate for kids who are above the age group of 8.

Paper Jamz guitar: A good way to start practicing and jamming to some tunes before your child can get his or her hands on a cool classic guitar! The touch-sensitive guitar strings surface gives it a somewhat real feel and also can be a fun game to play, for a fraction of the price of any decent guitar out there. There is no way you can buy a good guitar for $15, but you can most certainly buy a Paper Jamz guitar for that price for your kids to rock and roll!

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