Cleaning the house with a new born around

Cleaning the house with a new born around

When you are expecting your little one, thousands of things start concerning you. As a new parent you expect everything to be perfect for you new addition. And everyone that you come across start giving you advice about what is good and bad. With so much information coming from so many different sources, you can get confused. Here we share some of the basic house cleaning ideas that you need to take care of before the arrival of your baby.

Keep dust away
Clean your home of all dust, pet dander and allergens. The new born babies do not have their immune system fully developed. So, make sure you eliminate most of the allergens off your home before the baby arrives. Make sure you leave no spot, while house cleaning. Clean even the hard to reach areas and dark corners. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly.

Replace the curtains
Replace all the old curtains and drapes in the house. They are the primary dust collectors. Replace them with blinds which are easy to maintain and clean.

Use non-toxic cleaners
Avoid using store-bought house cleaners that have harsh chemicals in them. These chemicals can be very harmful for the babies. Use natural ingredients instead that work as best house cleaners. Keep the countertops and other surfaces clean so that there is no germ build-up. Use white vinegar baking soda, salt and lemon juice to clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. These house cleaning ideas will not only clean your home but also disinfectant it. They give a sparkling shine and deodorize your home.

Cleaning the hands
Make sure all the guests who come to your home to visit the baby wash their hands with soap and wipe them clean with a dry towel, or use a sanitizer, before holding the baby. This will keep infections at bay, and hence serves as an excellent house cleaning idea. And as a new parent, you must also remember to wash your hand after using the toilet, sneezing, eating food and cooking food. Also, if you follow this rule, after a few years, you’ll see your baby following it too.

Disinfectant wipes
Stock up on disinfectant wipes or natural disinfectant spray at the baby’s changing table, as you may want to clean the changing table with disinfectant after every use. In fact, keep these wipes in your handbag so that you can use them while traveling.

Cleaning the feeding items
Make sure you clean all the feeding items with hot water to sanitize them, before and after using them. Clean the new bottles and nipples in boiling water and trash the old nipples and pacifiers that are cracked or stained. Do not use bleach to clean the baby feeding items. Use baking soda in water and soak the feeding items in the water and clean thoroughly. Dry them out immediately as bacteria love to live in moisture. Do most of the preparations before the baby arrives because once the baby enters your life, you will not be able to cope other responsibilities on hand.

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