Go DIY with your lampshade

Go DIY with your lampshade

One of the easiest home decor projects to take on is crafting a lamp. Even if you’re on a tight budget, making a lamp is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, with a little money and a lots of creativity, you can still brighten up your room. Enjoy making lampshades with materials that are shared below:

Make with your own fabric
When choosing a fabric for a lampshade, it’s always best to find something that’s more natural and less synthetic. Fabric made of 100% polyester often does not stick to the styrene, or to itself. Fabric that has a slight texture is also preferred. You can always turn to your dear old clothes, that are preserved well. Select couple of complementing fabric to make your lampshade

Use a hair dye
You heard it right! You will be quite surprised to see the results of this technique. You could turn your old lampshade into a piece of art by just using the right color combinations. Just take brush and pain them around for a classy look.

Fabric tapes
A craft’s enthusiast would definitely love these. Fabric tapes come in so many patterns and colors that you just want to own them all. Pick your favorites and paste them on the lampshade base. You can even create a story on your lampshade considering the myriad options available in fabric tape designs.

Cover a map around
Are you a travel bug and like to have elements of travel around your house? No problem at all! Just measure your lampshade and buy a good quality map online. You could go for vintage, retro or contemporary styled maps. Get a design-savvy friend to enhance its colors and adjust the size to match your lampshade. Get it printed and just stick them around the lampshade.

Covering with yarn
Using a yarn to give the ombre effect is relatively easy. If you like earthy shades, go for pastel shades with one striking color to break the pastel shades. Yarn also gives a great texture and a visceral effect to the lampshade

Applique them
Get the ready-made appliques from the scrapbooking section of craft stores. Hot glue your preferred design in a whimsical pattern. Some of these appliques come with a special feature of peel-away adhesive backing, which requires just peeling and sticking on the shade.

Get your favorite comic book cover
Grew up reading great comics? You can carry your nostalgia forever by sticking the book cover or your favorite scenes from the book on the lampshade itself! However ensure that you add a protective thin layer on top of the paper in order to last longer.

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