Home remedies for flea infestation

Home remedies for flea infestation

Fleas are creepy creatures that love to survive in places where it is warm and humid. Hence, pets become their hosts. A female flea lays up to 600 eggs in her lifetime and in no time, the eggs become fleas to suck the blood on your pets. The eggs laid by the female flea can get dropped in your home on your carpet, living areas, or bedding. These eggs remain dormant for a year and then turn into adult fleas. That’s the reason that when you think you cleaned your house of fleas, you soon find some new fleas creeping out.

Fleas can cause severe anemia in pets that are young. You need to constantly keep cleaning your house to keep the infestation at bay. Some natural remedies for getting rid of fleas are as follows:

Dish washing liquid
Dish washing liquid works as a great flea treatment. First, give your pet a good bath with some dish washing soap. This should kill all the fleas on its body. Then to trap the fleas on your carpet and living area, fill a plate with water and add a good amount of dish washing liquid to it. Place a tea candle in the middle of the plate and light it. Leave it in the center of the room. The fleas get attracted to the light and jump into the water. The viscosity of the dish washing soap kills the pest. Do it continuously for 3 to 4 nights to get rid of all the fleas in the house. If you are using this trap at night, make sure you stay awake until the candles burn out. Remember to keep your children and pets away from the fire.

Herbal spray
Herbal spray is a great alternative to flea bomb. First, vacuum every corner of your home thoroughly and wash everything that cannot be vacuumed with hot water to kill the eggs and larva. Mix one gallon of vinegar with ½ gallon of water, 16 oz. of lemon juice, and 8 oz. witch hazel. Using a garden sprayer, spray this liquid all over the carpet, bedding, and window sills and in every corner of the home for 7 days.

Salt works like magic to eliminate the infestation of fleas. Use table salt to sprinkle all over the carpet evenly. Leave it on the carpet for up to 48 hours, then vacuum the fleas out of your house. Salt causes dehydration in fleas and kills them.

Boric acid
Boric acid also works like salt to kill fleas. It works as a desiccant and kills flea of severe dehydration. Sprinkle boric acid on the carpet and other areas of your home and leave it for 48 hours. Then vacuum thoroughly to remove the dried out bodies of the flea.

You can keep the fleas away from your home by using these remedies, once the flea season starts. It is hard to get rid of fleas once they infest your home. So, it is always better to prevent them from coming in to your home rather than trying hard to wipe them out.

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