Swag valances: Decor ideas

Swag valances: Decor ideas

Swag valances are nothing, but draperies or curtains which cover up only the upper portion of the window. They look flawlessly amazing as they conceal the window rod or other part related to your window and makes it look graceful.

There are various types of swag valances available, designed according to your sense of style. These come in a huge range of materials too. Choose any of the following types of valances to dress up your window.

Scalloped valance: Scalloped Valance is a great choice to make your ordinary window look extraordinary with minimal efforts. Imagine a room with sober wall paints and a huge window covered with scalloped valances made of sophisticated printing material. You can also pair it with panels for more privacy. Make sure you use the right choice of panel material and print, which coordinates your valance. Ignore this if you want more sunlight in your room.

These valances come in various designs and price ranges.
Chenille Scalloped Valance: $12.10-$18.33
Layered Scalloped Valance: $14.89
Embroidered Scalloped Valance: $8.00 – $26.67

Scarf valance: As the name suggests, it is indeed an effortless look of a big scarf-like valance that hangs down from each side of the windows like panels. It is elegant to watch a window covered with such valances because nothing about it will make you feel old-fashioned or overdone. It is a plain simple window treatment that you can opt for in order to make your room look different. You can also play with this look when you want a change. Add some coordinating shades of rich colored scarves with this valance and create a new edition of the same kind of valance.

Some of the style and price variations in this category include the following:
Linen Scarf Window Valance: $6.00
High-Quality Hotel Scarf Valance: $6.00
Stitched and Hemmed Scarf Valance: $12.99

Balloon valance: This is a kind of dramatic style is perfectly designed for traditional houses. Balloon valances are usual valances, only with a tuft or balloon-like shirring at the top. It makes your room look gorgeous with those light fabrics in a balloon-like appearance. You can use the same color for both, the walls and the valances. This will give a dynamic monochrome effect. It is better to forgo panels here because this may disturb the original look sometimes.

This has the following types of variations:
Fringed Balloon Valance: $16.85 – $27.09
Burlap Natural Balloon Valance: $16.95
Check Balloon Valance: $16.95

Each of the types of valances has many more such modifications and their prices vary from design to design. So, choose the one that best suits your decor and budget and give your home a fresh makeover.

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