Three popular downdraft cooktops by GE

Three popular downdraft cooktops by GE

The warm air produced during cooking certain recipes contains a potent smell that tends to travel in an upward direction in the kitchen because they are lighter compared to the cooler air around it. This can occur in homes where one frequently uses cooking methods such as grilling or frying. Such smoke or steam can rapidly spread in the other areas of the house affecting the entire ambiance. To counter this, you should buy a highly efficient downdraft gas cooktop. These types of appliances have a strong fan which is an essential component as it draws cooking smoke, steam and smells efficiently before the odors spread in the kitchen. These odors are eliminated out of the home with the help of a pipe which is installed under the floor.

GE is one such brand that offers a great range of downdraft cooktops. If you are planning to buy one for your home, then you can check out the following downdraft cooktop models by GE.

  • PGP9830SJSS GE Profile Series 30″
    This efficient built-in gas downdraft cooktop has around four burners. It comes in black color and is made up of stainless steel. This sleek GE downdraft cooktop contains all the relevant features which help your food cook evenly as well as quickly.
  • PP9830SJSS GE Series 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop with Bridge Element
    A black downdraft electric cooktop by GE has a bridge element with four radiant burners and helps in cooking the food uniformly and in a fast manner. It also has a power boil element. Different pan sizes can be used on this cooktop. Also, this sleek model has a reliable exhaust system for pulling smoke efficiently and driving the same out from the kitchen.
  • UVB36SKSS GE 36″ Universal Telescopic Downdraft System with 370 CFM Venting
    This stainless steel GE downdraft cooktop offers a power-packed performance and helps in the removal of vapors and smoke with ease. With the 4-speed fan control, odors, moisture grease, and smoke is reduced on a considerable level.

You can find the GE downdraft cooktops in home appliances stores as well as on e-commerce sites. Pick the ones that suit your budget, cooking habits, and kitchen space. When you are looking at GE downdraft cooktops, ensure that the sellers are offering you authentic products along with a good warranty. Moreover, also look for post-purchase services such as free delivery and excellent customer care service. Also, remember to read consumer reviews on the Internet if you are buying from an online seller.

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