Top 2 DISH TV packages for new buyers

Top 2 DISH TV packages for new buyers

Whether you want DISH network cable or DISH TV satellite packages, choosing from any one of their services delivers about the same service without compromising on quality. If you’ve ever wanted to try out their TV packages you may be surprised to know that DISH is rated as one of the best TV package providers in the world. You can even get bundled connections with their TV packages which involves phone lines and internet services. Not only that, but they offer high speed internet too.

So, what exactly is so special about DISH TV? For starters, they’ve got every channel you could think of: HBO, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, etc. You never run out of packages. If you need recommendations for which of their packages to go for, fear not! We’ve got you covered. Here are the top two DISH TV packages for the first time DISH network cable users.

If you’re new to DISH network cable and you don’t want to spend a lot for your first time, we recommend their FlexPack package. It’s budget friendly and is the ideal choice for those with a tight budget. You get up to 50+ channels in their network and free HD streaming.
You get a 2-year price guarantee and the plan costs $39.99 a month. You get access to premium channels on their network for the first three months for free. There are 6500 on-demand titles which means you get access to their huge collection of awesome movies too. Besides this, most of their channels in this subscription include the all-time favorites on their network, some of which include Cartoon Network USA, Hallmark Channel, TNT, and HGTV. You can even customize your channel packs and add sports, news, kids, and more for just an additional $10 each a month. The installation is free, although there may be a one-time activation fee for the equipment.

America’s Top 250
This package is mostly meant for high end users. If you’ve got a little change to spare and you love binge watching your favorite TV shows, then this will be the ideal choice. You get up to 200+ channels with an additional 17 movie channels. You get access to premium content for three whole months for free and access to the HBO channel is free for one whole year. You also get access to 70 Sirius XM music channels and other additional channels which include DIY, H2, Nicktoons, Nat Geo Wild, Disney XD, Bravo, A&E, Sundance.
There’s also 6500 free on-demand titles and you get HD streaming for life on all their channels! There’s a two-year warranty for their services and the installation for the equipment and setup is free of charge. There’s also ESPN, local sports, and regional channels inbuilt into this package which is awesome if you’re a sports lover.

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